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Dear Friend,

If you're like I was several years ago you're sick and tired. 

You're sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. You know you need to get back in shape but who has the time?

Over the years,  your weight has steadily crept up and now you can't even look at a picture of yourself without cringing a little bit

Clothes aren't fitting like they used to, and your energy, well... what energy?

You hardly recognize the person you see in the mirror and you know you NEED to do something.... but you're not even sure WHAT it is you need to be doing.

Well, if you want to lose weight, stop feeling stuck, get your mojo back, and feel like your old self again...

I want to GIVE YOU $100 to try our workout program designed SPECIFICALLY for Busy people who feel stuck, feel limited by an old injury or two, or just need a push after a VERY long Hiatus.

If you're even just a little imtimidated by starting your road back to fitness, you owe it to yourself to take us up on this offer.

Just fill out the form on this page and we will send over a zero-obligation "ethical bribe" to give this program a shot, and yourself a fighting chance to feel awesome again.
Questions? Call 310-853-5302
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What's The Catch?
It's our way of ethically bribing you because we know if you love it you'll want to keep training with us! 
(Now hurry up before I change my mind!)
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"When I moved to San Pedro a year and a half ago finding a good gym was our first priority. I found everything we were looking for here -- great training, varied work-outs and, most importantly, a community that made us feel at home."
-Krista C.
Heyday's Co-Founders: Eddie Mckenna & Ricky Magana
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Here's What Other People Are Saying:
"I HIGHLY recommend CF Heyday for anyone who is wanting to build strength, confidence, and challenge themselves in a judgement free zone. Best around hands down!!"
"There aren't enough positive ways to describe how fantastic this place is. I saw my overall fitness go through the roof. I'm a former collegiate baseball player that saw working out turn into a job. Heyday made it fun again."
"This place has transformed my body. I gained strength I never had before! I strongly recommend this place to anybody who is trying to get in shape and lose weight Heyday is awesome!"
 My husband has struggled with injuries for many years, and the coaches have been wonderful in working with him."
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Why would we do this? 
It's our way of ethically bribing you because we know if you love it...
You'll want to keep training with us!
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It'll be the best decision you've made in a long time.
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