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  While most diets focus on severe calorie restriction (eating less) and excessive cardio (doing more) we try to take a bit of a different approach. We do what’s called “Nutrient Partitioning”. Which is eating and training in a way that allows you to control and/or influence what your body does with the calories you Read more

You don’t get it.

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Tell me if you’ve ever said something like this, “I wanna GET in shape” “I wanna GET skinny” “I wanna GET more of this….GET better at that” We usually talk about our goals and aspirations as things we GET. But I want to make a very important distinction when it comes to pursuing more. You Read more

I’m going to let you in on a dirty little secret… If I only did things I **felt** totally capable of…. I’d DO VERY little. Because honestly, I doubt myself all the time. “You’re going to fail” “It’ll never work…” “This is going to be like EVERY other time….” “Why should YOU get this, when Read more

Next month we kick off the next Heyday Transformation Challenge. The dates of the challenge will be from February 15 – April 2. A total of 48 days. NOTE: the meeting was moved. Originally it was Feb 6th its now a week later, Saturday Feb 13th at 9am. I realized the Super Bowl Sunday was Read more

Susan Marnani came to the gym in February…   She was very apprehensive about this whole “CrossFit” thing. She had been experiencing some pretty intense hip pain from some of the exercise she’d been doing prior to coming in and was skeptical she’d be able to keep up with the program here. I assured her Read more

Doubt Me.

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I was recently told a story by a mentor. He told me about a boy whose grandfather had an anecdote he’d tell him as a young boy that taught him a great lesson about failing and belief in oneself. Since he was a child he’s never forgotten it; especially in times of doubt. It’s worth Read more

Daily Workouts Have Moved!

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Hey everyone! We have some pretty cool news. The programming for this class will now be available via the Train Heroic app! Train Heroic will allow you view programming, as well as keep track of your workouts. It also will calculate your percentages for you 🙌Here are the steps for getting access to this class Read more

Friday, August 23rd

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Workout of the Day Fitness “A. 3 Rounds DB Tate Press x 15 Reps rest 30sec JM BB Press x 15 Reps rest 30sec Strict Toes to Bar x 6-8 Reps *eccentric for 3 count ” “Teams Of 2 Complete AMRAP 30 Buy In: 50 Stone Over Shoulder Then 60 Cal Bike 40 Wall Ball Read more

Thursday, August 22nd

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Workout of the Day Fitness “A. Banded CGBB bench Press 12 x 3 Reps (empty BB) B. Close Grip Death Press Adv 135/95 int 115/80 beg 95/65” “B. For Time 3 Rounds 400m Run 21 KBS 53/35 12 Pull Ups” 530 & 6PM 30min HIIT Class “5 Rounds 1min Bike 1min Ski 1min 10m Shuttle Read more

Wednesday, August 21st

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Workout of the Day Fitness ” 0-5:00 5 Rounds 5 Pull Ups 10 Push Ups 15 Air Squats 6:00-12:00 3 Rounds 15/12 Cal Bike 10 Hang Power Clean 135/95 13:00-19:00 3 Rounds 15/12 Cal Ski 15 DB/KB Push Press 50/35 20:00-25:00 15/12 Cal Row 10 Burpees Over Rower 26:00-31:00 5 Rounds 5 Pull Ups 10 Read more