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Workout of the Day:

A1. Seated DB Press 4×10/arm alternating reps
A2. Ring Push Ups 4xME @3111
*** Rest :20-:30 seconds after A1
*** Rest :90 after A2

AD Sprints 10x:20 all out sprint
*** Rest :120 seconds between bouts

Side Planks 3x:60 Each Side
*** Rest as needed between sets


A1. Perfect Muscle Ups W/No Kip x1­5 Reps / Rest :30
A2. Deficit HSPU 3­5 Fraction as Needed / No Kip / Rest :30 **choose your deficit**
A3. Deadlift 15 Reps UB M:225­275 W:135­185 / Rest :90
x 6 Sets
+ (this means rest as needed before starting)
1 mile Sprint