1 Mile A Day For 30 Days

– Jillian going inverted and looking dazzling as usual –
Important Update*** Since we have had no attendance at the noon class, it is now canceled. I will be having an 11am tomorrow only because I already told a few people I would.***
So, I had this great idea to help me run more, actually a challenge for all of you if you would like to do it. I am going to run one mile a day for the next thirty days. A few other people including myself started it today, I think it will be fun and beneficial to anyone who does it. All you have to do is run one mile a day, you can walk it, run it, do half now and half later, it doesn’t matter just as long as you get your mile in. Oh, and if you miss a mile one day, then you need to make it up the next day!
Hope you enjoy and take the challenge. No Days Off!!  🙂
5 Rounds
5 Jerks #185 #135
10 Burpees
200m Run