10,000 KBS in August…

10,000 KBS Challenge
Starting Monday people who would like to do the KB Challenge, you need to write your name on the chalk board next to the rowers. Upon completing one of the KB workouts you will write the date next to your name.
To do the challenge:
– All swings are Russian
– You must complete the KB a minimum of 4 days per week
– Pair low volume strength work and gymnastics work (coaches will help you determine this based upon skill level and weaknesses).
– Start with a lighter KB than normal (each workout consists of 500 swings)
– All strength work will be sub maximal (meaning 70% or less)
– Do not mix complex strength lifts with swings (clean, snatch, jerk). Stick with the simple stuff (squat, press, deadlift).
– You can use the KB for the strength work if you do not like the BB (goblet squat w/KB, KB press, KB deadlift)
– KB challengers will do the prescribed warm up with class (you must start your kettlebell swings no later that 15 minutes after class starts)
– Don’t do the same gymnastics work and strength work multiple times a week.
*** Oh! And you get a kettlebell cartel t-shirt upon completion **
Ex Template for Swings
5 Sets with 3min Rest When Set is Complete:
10 Swings
1 Front Squat @70%
Rest :30-:60
15 Swings
2 Front Squat @70%
Rest :30-:60
25 Swings
3 Front Squat @70%
Rest :30-:60
50 Swings
Rest 3:00
*** You can also do goblet squats or push ups at rep scheme 2-3-5.
Workout of the Day:
BSQT 4×4-6 reps @5010 rest :60-90
AMRAP in 10min:
5 UB Reps Toes to Bar or KTE
50m Waiter Walk 53/25 (Walk to the blue gate with the left and back with the right)
200m Run
** Try to keep same pace for each round (80% effort).
** Look at the clock after the run and continue on.
Assualt Bike Party in Groups of 3-4 People
Sprint on the AB for :30 seconds ALL OUT then get off when you deviate +\- 5 seconds from your first score you are eliminated and the following team members battle it out.


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