8 week Olympic Weightlifting Intensive


Changing things up.

If you’ve been coming to olympic weightlifting over the past 2 years you’ve probably gotten some great results.
As we transition out of the shutdown we’ve decided this is a program we wanted to continue but it was something that we needed to reformulate to keep it going.
So instead of programming a workout for all levels at any time.
Instead of going broad with Oly Lifting…
We will go deep.
We will make it an intensive with testing, tracking, and more volume and access to coaching.
We will test every athlete in the program on the first day.
Then we will track their numbers every single week to monitor progress and tweak programming.
We will turn what was once 15-20+ person class to an intimate 12 student cap.
Instead of just coming for a workout…
You will instead build muscle, power, strength, and technical skill in the Olympic lifts that goes beyond “weekend warrior” That only comes through by progressing and completing an entire 8 week cycle.
Then you will retest and build upon your new strength each new cycle.
This is a change from how we did things before in that class.
And it may not be convenient change but we will strive to make it one that is 100% worthwhile.
If you’d like to be in the program, it begins on July 11th and it’s $150 to complete in person or $75 to do remotely. (drops in available too)
Every 9th week it will be open for anyone to try as long as they have an active membership with us. 8 weeks cycle + 1 week fun open workout.

Going forward, the 8 AM Saturday Weightlifting Class will be an add-on to your Heyday membership. Starting July 11th, athletes who would like to attend the Saturday 8 AM class will be required to sign up for each 8-week cycle on Train Heroic.

Each 8-week cycle will be $150. Drop ins will also be available for $25 per class.

What do these changes mean for you:

  • 2 days of programming per week – 1 in-person class on Saturday and 1 accessory/mobility session to be completed on your own time (can be done with barbell or dumbbells)
  • Capped classes – each 8-week cycle will be capped at 12, with room for 2 drop-ins per class. Drop-ins must have experience with barbell movements and be approved by me prior to class
  • Smaller class size means more individualized attention from me and more space/equipment available
  • Programming will be tailored to athletes who are familiar with the Olympic style lifts (aka we will be focusing on strength)
  • As soon as COVID restrictions are lifted, you will have access to open gym to complete your accessory workouts at any time the gym is open
  • Access to a private Facebook group in which I will post videos and resources
  • Drop-ins will be limited to 2 per class, and must be approved by me

Testimonials and Results

A few highlights from our most recent 8-week remote cycle:

  • Dee’s 3-rep max Push Jerk is now 8 lbs. heavier than her previous 1-rep max
  • Nikko was able to hit his previous 1-rep max Clean for 3 reps
  • Zack hit a 275 lbs. 3-rep max Push Jerk

I have to confess, I thought i knew my strengths when it came to weights, but Shay proved me wrong in the most amazing way EVER. I started her 1 hour Olympic Lifting class, little nervous and excited. Never did I ever think I could do a snatch, let alone a heavy Power Clean, but she coached me, mentored me, encouraged me and believed in me! I showed up, listened to her and all her advice and tips! Shay pushed me out of my comfort zone and what a difference she has made in my life! I am grateful every class I get to be in with her coaching!!! You’ve changed my lifting world Shay!!! Thank you!!!!! Im forever grateful.” – Dee C.

“Shannon is a great teacher and a supportive coach, her approach and personal attention have helped me to greatly improve my lifting skills. Shannon always makes a point to talk about how i feel about a particular lift or where my sticky points are and she always has an answer or an exercise to help me to advance. My form is drastically better than when i started and every week I look forward to out doing the week before. Thanks coach Shannon.” – Chris W.

“I started at Heyday a couple years ago and one of my favorite classes is Saturday lifting with Shannon, she is a great coach and her lifting skills are off the hook and inspire me to push myself. I have learned so much while working with Shannon.  Her awesome 8 to 12-week sessions focus on perfecting your lifts ending with finding a 1 rep max. I have gotten so much stronger working with Shannon and it is exciting to see my improvement week after week. Whether in person or via zoom, Shay’s lifting class is one that I rarely miss, It is that good. Thanks Shannon.” – Janessa W.

I’ve been with Heyday for about two years now.  I have taken the Olympic Weightlifting class for about one year.  It is one of my favorite classes! Shannon is a great coach who knows how to help you improve your lifts and reach new PRs. This class is one of my favorite classes at Heyday and I plan to take this class for a long time. Seven months ago, my one rep max clean was 140 lbs and now my three rep max clean is 145 lbs.  It is a great improvement! Even during the coronavirus outbreak, when  we were not allowed to go into the gym to workout, we were still able to do our olympic weightlifting at home.  Every week we completed our class via zoom so that our coaches could guide us.  Now that gyms are opening, we are able to workout at Heyday while practicing social distancing.  I can’t wait to see what lifts Shannon has planned for us next!” – Nikko D.

I’ve been a member at Heyday since 2013 (7 years now!). For a year I have been participating in Shannon’s Olympic Weightlifting class on Saturday mornings.  I have several favorite classes at Heyday, and this is definitely one of them! Shannon really  knows her stuff!  Each 8-week cycle we practice 2 or 3 different  lifts.  It is really cool being able to see how much progress you can make in 8 weeks! Our last cycle was during the COVID quarantine.  We participated in the class at home, with our coaches guiding us via zoom.  Week 1 I had an 85 lb. 3 rep max hang power clean and a 50 lb. 3 rep max push jerk.  Week 8 I had a 107 lb. 3 rep max hang power clean and an 80 lb. 3 rep max push jerk.  Every cycle ends in new PRs! The class is fun and exciting.  My son and I look forward to this class every week!” – Martha D.