By Any Means Necessary…

So if you saw Ben the past 2 days you may have noticed he’s looking a bit gimpy. He’s doing the crip walk (as in crippled). Why? He broke his his foot helping his father. A large poorly engineered pot, broke, fell on his foot, and broke him. He informed me he’d be out for 2 months.
Out for 2 months?! I found that very hard to believe. Where else is Ben gonna take his shirt off?! But seriously, I don’t see someone like Ben out of the gym for long, let alone 2 months. It’s too much a part of him.
And I was right… the next day there he was, Heyday’s own Tiny Tim, hobbling along doing whatever he could with whatever was available to him.
So am I talking about this to make fun of Ben? A little, but mostly to illustrate a point. Ben, having injured himself pretty badly, could have easily let it keep him out of the gym to wallow in a haze of self-pity, bed head, and ice cream quitting exercise altogether.
Nope. How many times have we seen people drop (or never start) exercise routines on half-rate excuses like: “Gosh I’m so busy! Wish I had the time like you!” or “I think I feel something coming on, sniff sniff, Shux better take it easy…”
Broken bones are a perfectly legitimate excuse to stop exercising. The above examples are not.
But the excuses aren’t really what matters.  It’s the priorities. Because NOTHING gets in the way of priorities.
Your Kids. Your Family. The Lakers. For them, You WILL find a way.
No Matter What
Capish? So if you find yourself overwhelmed with more and more supposed reasons NOT to eat right or exercise or whatever’s eating at you, take a step back. Breathe and realize, is your health a priority? If it’s important to you: You will find a way.
You will Make it work…. By any means necessary
P.S Ben I hope by Dec 25th you’ll get to wake up christmas morning, kick off that boot and fling the cane shouting
God bless us everyone! Get well soon 🙂
Workout Du Jour
75 Pushups
1200m Run
50 Weighted pushups #35/#25
800m Run
400m Run