Coronavirus Lockdown Gym Update

Hey guys,
I wanted to give you an update on where we’re at with the pandemic.
But first I want to thank you.
Really, thank you.
The vast majority of our members have taken full advantage of our online offerings and haven’t skipped a beat with their fitness.
We appreciate the support to all who have remained active members and hope you are getting value from the online workouts and 6 week challenge.
It’s now the 3rd week of our forced shutdown of the physical location.
Given that we are in a new month and we are all uncertain as to exactly when this will be over we want to make sure we have a plan in place should this continue much longer.
Right now our programming and workouts are free to the public on our facebook page as an act of good will to lend EVERYONE a hand who needs an outlet for staying fit during the virus.
At this point we feel it’s time to to transition from “Gym that does some stuff online because of quarantine” to a Virtual CrossFit Community.
In may we will be closing those workouts to the public and converting to a completely remote model. 
NOTE: We are NOT closing the gym. We are just transitioning to a remote model for the time being because we don’t know when we’re going to be able to open.

Here are the changes we are rolling out, effective in May:

  • We are going to shift all of our memberships to an exclusively remote model.
  • All members will be transitioned to a remote membership with the option for a few “add-ons” that reflect what they want to do.
  • Our daily workouts and live feed will only be accessible through our app TrainHeroic and a private facebook group.
  • They will be both Facebook live AND zoom calls so we will be able to see and coach you through the workout.
  • We will be launching a separate remote 8-week Olympic Lifting Program with Shannon (for an additional fee) in which you will be given:
      • 2 workouts per week
      • 1 live zoom session
      • Test and tracking of your lifts throughout the entire 8 weeks.
      • Private facebook group.
      • Barbell/Plate Equipment rental for $30
  • We are now a licensed provider of Kinstretch and will be launching a Heyday Mobility as a separate “add-on” that will include:
      • 2 Kinstretch pre-recorded sessions per month that you will be required to complete 4 per month.
      • Private facebook group
  • Nutrition coaching is also available as an add-on to our remote training program.
      • One-on-one accountability
      • Customized meal planning (grocery lists, recipes, etc.)
      • Body-Fat Testing
      • Zoom coaching Calls and check-ins

The pricing for the Heyday Remote memberships is as follows:

  • Daily CrossFit Program- $29/week PER Person
    • Couples/Household rate- $39/week
  • 8 week Olympic lifting add-on– $20/week (or $150 paid in full)
  • Heyday Mobility Bi-Weekly Class add-on– $10/week

**Option to be charged every 4 weeks is also available.
If you kept your membership active through quarantine, the Olympic lifting program  and Kinstretch will be available to you at no additional charge for the first 8 weeks.
If you are a punch card (Desperado) member, you will need to enroll in one of the above memberships to get access to the workouts. You can apply the value of  your remaining sessions or simply hold on to them since any unused sessions will be valid once we open up.
**If you have paid in FULL membership for any amount of time we will be contacting you to let you know your options.

What you need to do:

Let us know by replying to the email or emailing which option you’d like to go with for your next billing cycle before May 4th.
For any questions please email
Thank you again for all your support.