Done For You Meal Prep

For those of you about to embark on the challenge, meal prep is a huge part of your success on the plan.
I also know many people struggle to find the time. We are test driving a meal prep service to help you with that.
You’ll be able to order all your breakfast, lunch and dinner shopped and prepped for you!
To get more info and a price sheet email Carley at
Availaibilty is extremely limited so make sure to get on the “interested” list.
Workout of the Day
A. EMOM x10
Clean 3 reps (choose a touch weight and stick with it)
B. Kneeling jump + box jump (if unable to do kneeling jump, do a depth jump + box jump
10 sets
C. 4×5 Close grip bench press
D. Wide stance good morning 3×8
3 15 2 10 1 5  *low numbers are HEAVY *higher numbers challenging for UB SET
B) HPS + PS + Snatch
Buld to heavy complex
C) UB CJ (145,155,165,175,185)
D) 25 RKBS (70) 10 strict HSPU 25 RKBS  15 dHSPU (45lb plate) 25 RKBS 20 Kip HSPU 25 RKBS 25 Kip dHSPU (45lb plate)
E) 3 min AMRAP 15 Front Squat (225) 1 LL Rope Climb
F) 2min AMRAP 10 FS (185) 1 RC

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