Heyday Re-Opening Plan

****Opening June  15th 2020
As I’m sure you heard, we have gotten clearance from LA County to re-open our gym.
The past few months have been a rollercoaster for all of us and one thing we have to say is…
Thank you for being such an amazing supportive community through all of this.
The ground is always shifting but it’s much easier to navigate change when we have amazing people on our side.
With that being said we want to outline what we have planned to get us open as smoothly and safely as possible.
We looked at what other gyms are doing and modeled what we though was the best way.
We are constantly operating on limited information and rules/mandates/guidelines that change by the hour so please bear with us! 
With that said, please read on the linked page to see what we have in store.
Quick Overview
We will be opening on Monday with a limited reservation-only schedule– For two reasons, we have no idea how many of our clientele we will recover, and 2. We need ample time to sanitize between classes.
We need you to Return Equipment ASAP! Now that we are opening up we need ALL equipment returned so that we can operate our classes. Please text 310-357-7705 to coordinate return.
Membership Activation: Only 3 classes per week is available for now. If you requested a HOLD, we will reinstate you starting the day we re-open and your billing will continue moving forward from where it left off. If you cancelled your membership please contact Kate@crossfitheyday.com to reinstate your membership. We WILL keep doing remote-only memberships.
We are sure you have questions regarding what process we will have to ensure your safety when we reopen our doors.  Please read the below guidelines that are effective immediately and are subject to change based on state and local health guidelines:
Prior to reopening:

  1. Management is performing a thorough gym cleaning, refurnishing, and re-organization to minimize spread of viruses/germs and promote social distancing.
  2. Establishing safety guidelines for coaches and members place to follow that minimizes risk while delivering quality workouts and instruction.

Upon reopening:

  1. Class schedule is adjusted to accommodate proper cleaning between each session.
    1. Tentative schedule upon reopening:
      1. Monday/Wednesday/Friday:
        • 5:00am,
        • 7am ZOOM ONLY
        • 10am,
        • 4:30pm,
        • 6:00pm
      2. Tuesday/Thursday
        • 7am Zoom ONLY
        • 10am
        • 4:30pm
        • 6pm
      3. Saturday:
        • 8am Weightlifting ***ONLY AVAILABLE to people in Shannons program.
        • 9:15am

****15-minute buffer to allow for proper cleaning of equipment and workout area.

  1. All coaches will be touch-less temperature checked prior to their respective shift.
  2. All members will be touch-less temperature checked prior to start of each class.
    1. If an elevated temperature is discovered (+100 degrees F.) the member will be politely asked to leave.
  3. Anyone exhibiting other signs of flu or COVID-like symptoms will be politely asked to leave.
  4. Anyone experiencing flu or COVID-like symptoms will be required to wait at least 14 days after symptoms have subsided before returning to join classes.
  5. To maintain social distancing, each class will be limited to 10 members and 1 coach.
    1. Capacity will be adjusted over time based on state and local health guidelines.
  6. The Mindbody website will be what you use to check-in to class (no more front desk keyboard until further notice).
        1. To login click here (if you’ve never logged in, click “Need New Password”)
        2. **If you’re an existing member DO NOT create a new profile! You are already in the system. You just need to request a password.

  7. Members will be required to reserve their spots prior to start of class.
    1. Reservations will be allowed within 7 days before of each specific class time, and cancellations must be made at least 2 hours prior to the start of each class.
    2. A $25 fee will be charged for no-shows.
    3. Be considerate of others and do not overbook class times that you are not sure about attending.
    4. Do not show up if you did not reserve a spot.
  8. Members will need to wait outside or in their vehicles until designated coach allows entry (for now).
  9. Members will be required to wash or sanitize hands upon entering the gym.
    1. Hand sanitizer stations will be setup at numerous areas throughout the gym.
  10. Equipment, weights, hand sanitizer, and community chalk buckets will be provided in various areas throughout the gym to minimize close contact with other members.
  11. All equipment each athlete touches (pull-up bars, dumbbells, barbells, foam-rollers, etc…) are to be wiped down at the end of class by the athlete who used them.
    1. Cleaning supplies (wipes, rags/brushes, sanitizer/spray) will be provided.
  12. Face-coverings are optional. Based on the intensity of our workouts, obstruction to breathing can have a detrimental effect.
  13. Management will ensure daily cleanings of high-traffic areas including but not limited to: Doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, and sinks.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to any of the coaches.  We look forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful smiles and lockdown muscles soon!  Please continue to stay safe and take care of your health during these difficult times.