Hold On To That Feelin'

I was driving yesterday on 3rd and Walker and came across this Stop sign.
Vandalism? Maybe. But I thought it was cool and took a pic of it.
Just wanted to remind you guys. That the immortal words of Steve Perry still ring true today.

Don’t Stop Believing.

As you approach whatever fitness goals you have, keep this single lyric in mind, and you’ll get there.
On a much more serious Note*, in an effort to see you guys more than we already do, we are having a Sushi Social at Ra Sushi in Del Amo Mall this Sunday 7/18.
It’s at 8pm during their Happy Hour (which is awesome 1/2 off appetizers and rolls) so if you don’t care to see us do it for the Tempura.
Workout De Jour:
Team workout
Squat Cleans
Ring Dips
And to keep up with the theme of the post, tomorrow the gym will Smell of Wine and Cheap Perfume.

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