Holiday Partay

This Friday is our Holiday Party.
It starts at 6:30pm so Friday night there will only be a special 4:30pm class. No 5:30 or 6:30 Friday night.
Bring a dish to share and a white elephant gift if you want to participate in the White Elephant gift exchange!
Excited to see you all there!
Workout of the Day
A. Russian KBS 30on/30off for 10 sets
B. Strict pull up 5x 5-8 reps
C1. Farmers walk 100m (heavy)
C2. Hip extension x8-15 reps
Three sets, no rest
D. In teams of 2-3 working for 30sec accumulate 100 calories on AD
**let t
hem choose load for A, add weight for B if that’s possible***
A. Every 2:30 for 6 sets clean and jerk 2 reps @70%+5
B. Front squat to a tough double in 10mins
C1. 10 man makers AFAP 35/20 per hand; rest 20sec
C2. amrap MU; rest 3mins x 3
For time:
100 wall balls 20/14′ 10′ target
100 CTB chin ups

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