The Open Is Over

Congrats to Shelley who took 3rd place at the Legendary Competitor this weekend!
Thanks to everyone who came out to support and get sunburned. 🙂
A big congrats is also in order for everyone who completed the Crossfit Games Open. It was a long hard five weeks but we did it. It is no easy task to face a big scary WOD that pits you against everyone, let alone five. It is humbling but empowering to face the open and often you find yourself rising to the occasion doing things you didn’t know you could do.
Many people pr’ed on their big lifts and benchmarks in the open WODS. It was scary and painful but you’re fitter and, I’m sure, glad to have gone through it.
If there’s one thing I learned in the open this year, it’s that Heyday girls kick some serious ass. 🙂
Oh, and the open is very good at exposing the exercises you’ve avoided all year.
Fortune does not favor the “cherry pickers”.
i.e. Do Not Hide From Your Weaknesses because the open is not kind to those who aren’t well rounded athletes.
Anyone who completed all five WODS is abundantly clear on what they need to work on and where their weaknesses lie (I know I am).
It may be:
-Getting Better at olympic lifts
-Stronger in bodyweight movements (pull-ups, toes to bar)
-More sweet skills (muscle-ups, butterfly pull-ups)
-A better engine (NOT pooping out on burpees and box jumps)
If you’re a newbie then it all needs improving and that’s fine.
The open is valuable feedback for those who want to truly be “ready for anything” and now that the open is over you can decide what you will *stay late* working on for next year.
Until then, keep on keepin on.
Stay tuned for the announcement of the Inter-gym  Winners!
Every :30 for 4min perform 1 Snatch (full) @75%
Then at the 5 minute mark:
Snatch @75%
7 Front Squats @70%
14 HR Push Ups
21 Later Hops Over BB
– Then: no rest.
Max UB Kettlebell Swings
Finally, I would suggest you to take a minute to read this post about the importance of being teachable all our lives.

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