The Quest of Becoming A "badass"

Some of you may know this already but I would like to share with you a new found desire by one of our fellow “heydayers.”
I think It was about a month ago I was coaching the 10am class and after finishing up Roxanne told me she wanted to be a “badass.” This is coming from a girl who a year ago could not complete a single push up, sit up, or pull up and let’s not go into weightlifting.
Let’s fast forward to the present, Roxanne can now do probably over 50 sit-ups without stopping, atleast 10 legit push ups, and just completed 17 pull ups last week!!! Can I get a dayyyum girl! And now we can go into weightlifting… She can now clean over 110lbs, and her most recent deadlift was 205lbs! Roxanne whether you believe it or not you are now officially a badass…And let’s not forget that you just climbed the rope the other week. Keep up the hard work 🙂
Dynamic deadlift week 2
Work on the rings for 20min (handstands, planks, push ups, dips, muscle ups, rows,)

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