The Walking Dead WOD

Okay imagine you have just woken up to a post apocalyptic world.
You look outside and everything is in ruins… Smoke and fire billowing on the horizon, the air smells like burnt flesh and radioactive fumes.
A quick survey of your home shows, your family is ok but something is terribly wrong. Amidst the sirens and car alarms in the distance you hear cries for help…
You try to call the police but the line is dead. Suddenly you hear glass shattering and the walls of your home being torn down panel by panel and behind them are lifeless moans that sound eerily familiar. You’ve heard them before…but where?
Your heart sinks at the sudden realization….
ZOMBIES!!!!!! Run!!!!!!
You try to escape but it’s too late… there’s too many of them… they’re getting closer… they’re… oh nooo!!!
Then you wake up. Just a bad dream. You fell asleep with this weeks Walking Dead still playing on the DVR.
BUT the dream is enough to scare you in to training so when they DO come..and they WILL come, you’ll be ready.
Time to begin your training.
Warm-Up: Zombie Tag
“The Walking Dead WOD”
8 Toes-to-Bar (jump to zombie kicks)
10 Burpee to Box Jumpover (fleeing over fences to safety)
12 Pull-Ups (climbs over buildings)
200m Single KB Carry (transporting supplies)

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