Tonight I Reveal All…

You heard me. Tonight I reveal the contents of my shopping basket. I go to Trader Joe’s every week and in stunning predictability I get the same things over and over. With. Out. Fail.
I do it because the foods are healthy and convenient to eat. And, eating the same meals over and over makes it easier to get into a healthier routine, at least for me.
So the following are the main staples in my diet. They are all high fiber, high protein, low sugar foods that I think, if eaten with lots of vegetables (which I need to eat more of ) makes for a very healthy diet.
* Note the Ezekiel tortillas and Hummus are virtually the only grains and legumes I eat regularly and If I were trying to get significantly leaner I would reduce my eating of them.
You incorporate anything that stands out to you. And if you’re unsure how to concoct meals with the given foods ask me. 🙂
Aaaand, it goes both ways. I’d love some new suggestions that hit all the same nutritional targets of these foods.

My Trader Joe’s Shopping List

Ezekiel Tortillas

Tuscan Hummus
Chicken Andoulille Sausage

Frozen Chicken Breast Strips
Green Apples
Bag of Baby Spring Mix
Bag of Spinach

Fat-Free Cottage Cheese
Beef Jerky
Eggs, Eggs, Eggs
Canadian Bacon
Almond Butter/Natural Peanut Butter (sometimes)
Unsweetened Apple Sauce (to mix with Cottage cheese and cinnamon)
Met-Rx Protein Powder

I drink 2 scoop shakes 2-3 times a day (46 grams of protein) ALWAYS after a WOD. You should all do the same. It promotes fat-loss NOT weight gain (ladies I’m talking to you.)
If you took nothing else out from this, I’d highly recommend you try supplementing protein. Most people don’t get enough and if you think you are one of them protein shakes may be great for you. To start, I’d shoot for each day eating 1 gram of protein per pound you weigh (minus lbs of body fat).
But wait isn’t that much protein bad for your kidneys? No. Not if it’s healthy to begin with Read the research.
Some other things to note: I don’t eat oatmeal, clif bars, anything “bran”, cereal, any juice, yogurt, milk, bread, granola, or nuts or really anything that comes in a box or says “whole wheat”.  I think these are all pseudo-healthy foods that are nutritionally neutral at best, and absolute crap at worst. Avoiding these, in my opinion, is one of the best nutritional habits one could have and would rid many many people of most of their body fat if they followed suit.
My bad habits: eating protein bars, NOT eating enough fresh vegetables. I’m still trying to find a convenient way to eat them that I enjoy. 🙁
Ok, hope that helped and gives you some grocery shopping inspiration.
Front Squat #135/#85
Ring Dips