Carb-Cycling Fat-Loss Challenge

Heyday’s Carb Cycling Fat-Loss Challenge is a 30 day program that provides the structure, community, and accountability to help busy people lose 15-20 pounds and up to 5% body fat as quickly as possible but in safe, intelligent, and proven ways without giving up carbs.
Why a challenge?
Well, here is the problem with most “challenges”:
Most challenges focus solely on the scale number, and get people to decrease that number via weight manipulation (only to gain it all back within a few months).
The crash dieting and excessive cardio typical of most challenges/cleanses/fad-diets causes one to lose mostly lean mass (muscle, not fat).
This ends up lowering your metabolism (sometimes permanently) making it easier to gain the weight back and harder to lose it again.
You end up fatter in the long run and stuck on a dieting hamster wheel.
We’ve had the most success not by crash dieting but by increasing your metabolism.
If we can get you to burn more calories all day long (not just in the gym), AND teach you how to eat the foods you love (Ahem, CARBS)…
Then your weight loss journey will feel much more enjoyable, effortless, and sustainable.
And if it’s enjoyable, effortless, and sustainable, then you have a much better chance of making it permanent.
We know that dramatic transformation happens not by hours of cardio and starving yourself for short periods of time, but by adopting the habits that world class athletes have until they become second nature.
And we know that it’s no use to lose some weight if the way you lost it is not something you can keep up so we’ve designed this to work for busy people who actually want to have a life.
No liquid cleanses.
No two hour gym sessions.
Just simple tweaks that you can follow for life.
Over the last 16 years we’ve trained more than 1600 people.
We know what works and what does not.
We’ve studied our most successful transformations and have delved deeply in nutrition via courses, books, certifications, and our own hard-earned experienced and created a system of habits that will increase metabolism for anyone who adopts them.
The challenge is a 4 week commitment to address all the elements of your lifestyle and gear them towards your fitness goals.
It has all the components of proper goal setting that most know they’re supposed to do but save the proper accountability and support, rarely ever do.
By the end, our goal is to build a better version of you that is exciting to take on more challenges and stop obsessing about diet once and for all.
All this being said, we want to be clear: You have to be willing to commit.
We’ve made it very simple but it’s not always easy to break bad habits.
Here is what you must be willing to commit to for the duration of the challenge:

  • Must be willing to workout a minimum 3x a week.
  • Must be willing to complete goal setting exercise and put it in writing.
  • Must be willing to do the InBody test and take before & after pictures to document our program’s success (for you, not us)
  • Must have the discipline to implement our nutrition plan. Our program is gradual, it is tested and it works, but only if you follow it!
  • Must be willing and able to grocery shop, plan, and prep your meals (or pay a company to prep all your meals for you). (this takes 2-3 hours a week)
  • Must be willing to change sleep habits if they need improvement.
  • Must enjoy working in a positive group environment. You will likely develop friendships to last a lifetime.
  • Must commit to the entire duration of the challenge. The first week is tough. We want people who will be here at the end to reap the benefits of all this hard work.
  • Must be committed to making this change. This will not work if you do not commit. We want to see you reach your goals as much as you do.​
  • Must have a positive can-do attitude. This is not easy. If it was, everyone would have it.
  • BONUS: I highly encourage you purchase this pedometer.

**Do not do this challenge if you are unable/unwilling to do the above.
What does the challenge include:

  • Meal Plan designed to reduce body fat and feed muscle according to your gender.
  • Extremely simple, practical and delicious Recipes.
  • Lean foods Grocery list to make shopping easy without any guesswork.
  • Restaurant guide to use so you can stay on track even while on the road.
  • Fat-Loss cheat sheets to give you the easiest snacks and meals to eat when you’re busy.
  • A “Drink Lean Survival Guide” that provides a menu of 6 “lean cocktail” options so you can manage your social life without guilt while on the program.
  • Worksheets to help make planning super clear and simple.
  • A goal setting tool to make your goals crystal clear and super charge your motivation.
  • An optional supplement plan to accelerate your overall health and fat loss results.
  • Private Facebook accountability group.
  • Group Check-ins with a Nutrition Coach once a week via group ZOOM calls.

$89 for five weeks
*This does not include membership in our Zoom or in-person coaching.
Feb 1- March 1 2021
Can I do this if I am a vegetarian? Yes, you will have a slightly more difficult time hitting your protein, but it’s still doable if you’re committed.
Will this work for women over 50? Yes the principles will apply and work for you.
Will this require I track my food? Yes. If you want to learn the basic skills we will teach you and the amazing results, it is highly encouraged you track but we have a non-tracking version.
Do I need to meal prep? Yes 100% absolutely. We will make it easy as possible but you NEED to be able to.

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