South Bay

Heyday is a small private gym located just a short drive along the coast from Palos Verdes in the heart of downtown San Pedro.
We train a group of dedicated athletes composed of moms, dads, grandmothers, young professionals, and collegiate & high-school athletes.
Almost everyone here started as a complete beginner but stayed because they were serious about getting in great shape and meeting their goals. The group here trains and supports each other to be the best they can be.
We follow follow several disciplines in our programs. Among them, is a kind of training known as CrossFit. It means we the vast majority of what we do utilizes compound movements that engages multiple muscles at the same time.
This allows people to get much more benefit (and get it faster) than using traditional machines.
We’ve found this to be the ideal methodology for busy people who still want to get to or maintain a high level of fitness and low body fat but simply lack the time to spend more than an hour in the gym.
Everything we do is a “functional” movement meaning our workouts have benefits in the real world beyond just “looking good”. You learn how to squat, lift, run, throw, and generally move better just by learning our exercises.
We use “unconventional” equipment like tires, kettlebells, olympic rings, ropes, sandbags, and olympic barbells. Most people never use any of this stuff but we show you how to utilize them safely to dramatically improve your fitness.
We are different from other gyms in many ways, but one of those ways, is that we have no interest in “selling you” on our program. We understand that getting in shape is highly personal journey and we may not be for you.
If you’re not happy, we won’t take your money.
The door is always open, for you to stay or go. We don’t want people who don’t want to be here.
Fitness is a big decision but it’s not one we can make for you. People only make changes when they are ready so we don’t force it.
If you work out here, we will know your name and your goals. We will hold you accountable and track your progress to ensure you are improving. We will support you every way we can. That is the difference.
For more info on how to try a free workout and do 2 weeks unlimited for $47 call:
Many of our prospective members are new to the South Bay so below I’ve included some helpful info about Socal:
The south bay situated in Los Angeles. Southern California offers a lot of opportunities to people who are visiting or have just moved here. The attractions and the variety of leisure activities it provides brings thousands of tourists every year. Moreover, countless special events are organized by the community that brings the entertainment level unparalleled to any other place. The name south bay is given to this region because of its geographical location that stretches all the way to the shore of Santa Monica Bay.
The south bay contains three fifteen different cities in addition to the portions of the city of Los Angeles. The area in which the south bay is located is bounded by the Pacific Ocean on the west and south side. The city of Los Angeles is located on the east and north side.
Events in the south bay:
If you want to have a perfect time, South bay offers a lot of events that can be attended. The natures of every event are different so you can select the one that suits your preferences. Some of the events are held in weekly basis and some are special ones that are held on a specific day. No matter what event you select for yourself, it will be a great social opportunity for you as you will be able to get to know a lot of people out there.
The special events at the South bay include a Basque Kitchen celebration of Paella Week. It will start from 22 March and will end on 29th march. Other special events include planning ahead aging symptoms that will hold on 22 March 2017.
Places to visit in South bay:
Although southern California is full of different tourist attractions here are a few worth noting. These include the following:

1.   Aquarium of the pacific:

This is the country’s largest aquarium that needs to be visited by the people. Although seeing everything here will require several hours to it is a great place to visit with the family. Moreover, live shows are something the kids are sure to love.

2.   El Dorado Regional Park and nature center:

Although this place is somewhat expensive but it has all the things that need to be present in the part. The nature park located in the South bay is a place where both parents and children can enjoy. The nature side of the park provides touch tables where the children can have the opportunity to feel different textures of animal’s skins.

3.   Ports O’ Call village:

The village has 15 acres of the shops, restaurants and other attractions. In the next 3 years it is slated to be completely remodeled and dubbed “The San Pedro Public Market”. It will arguably be the best place to visit in South bay. The English styled town and the breathtaking architecture make it a most desirable attraction.
Apart from that, there a lot of other places that can be visited in the South bay including queen mary, Redondo beach int’l boardwalk and shoreline village in long beach.