You don't get it.

Tell me if you’ve ever said something like this,
“I wanna GET in shape”
“I wanna GET skinny”
“I wanna GET more of this….GET better at that”
We usually talk about our goals and aspirations as things we GET.
But I want to make a very important distinction when it comes to pursuing more.
You can GET a new car.
You can GET a gym membership.
You can GET a personal trainer or diet book.
Those are tangible possessions.
But when it comes to achieving a goal….
You don’t GET it.
You BECOME it.
Anyone can get skinny or in shape for a few weeks.
But those who merely GET those things, are rarely able to KEEP those things.
Instead, they’ll yo yo diet, struggle to stay motivated, gain-weight-lose-weight-gain-weight, and constantly spin their wheels.
And always look for a magic pill.
So what’s that even mean??
How do I “become” fit?!
It isn’t about magical recipes, supplements, or a trendy diet.
Those things help but they aren’t the solution.
To become fit, you have to look at the qualities you have to possess to BE fit.
(And honestly, you probably already possess these qualities, you just haven’t applied them to your fitness).
You need a clear goal.
You need to be a good planner.
You have to make it a priority.
You have to have a BIG WHY.
You need to be disciplined enough to keep going when you don’t feel like it.
See, too many people want to lose weight so they take supplements, do cleanses, spend hours doing cardio….
But they’re not willing to plan their meals.
Not willing to make the time to workout.
Not willing to say NO to things that move them backwards.
And they don’t really know why they’re even bothering to diet in the first place (except to maybe look better).
And as soon as it gets inconvenient, they’ll fall off the wagon.
They’re not willing to make the trade-offs it requires to GET the results.
So they stay stuck.
No diet or trainer will eliminate the fact that you have to plan, prioritize, figure out your WHY, and be disciplined.
There simply isn’t a way around that.
And anyone who tells you different is lying (and probably selling you something).
You see, if you can possess the QUALITIES, the results WILL COME AUTOMATICALLY.
Here’s a popular insta-spiational quote I saw on the internet.
Success is not something you get, it’s something you attract by the person you become.
Maybe it’s cliche. Maybe it’s cheesy.
But it’s definitely TRUE.
So if you’re stuck, ask yourself  WHY.
What do I need become? What qualities to I need to practice and develop to GET what I want?
Then go do that.