Frequently Asked Questions

Heyday is a small private gym that trains a group of dedicated athletes composed of moms, dads, grandmothers, young professionals, and collegiate & high-school athletes. Almost everyone here started as a complete beginner but stayed because they were serious about getting in great shape and meeting their goals. The group here trains and supports each other to be the best they can be.
We follow a kind of training known as CrossFit. It means we only do movements that use multiple muscles at the same time. This allows people to get much more benefit (and get it faster) than using traditional machines. Everything we do is a “functional” movement meaning our workouts have benefits in the real world beyond just “looking good”. You learn how to squat, lift, run, throw, and generally move better just by learning our exercises. We use “unconventional” equipment like tires, kettlebells, olympic rings, ropes, sandbags, and olympic barbells. Most people never use any of this stuff but we show you how to utilize them safely to dramatically improve your fitness. We are different from other gyms in many ways but one of them is that we don’t “sell” you. We understand that getting in shape is highly personal journey and we may not be for you. Most gyms though, once you’ve signed the dotted line keep your money and lock you in regardless of whether you’re happy or not. Not here. The door is always open, for you to stay or go. We don’t want people who don’t want to be here. Fitness is a big decision but it’s not one we can make for you. People only make changes when they are ready so we don’t force it. If you work out here, we will know your name and your goals. We will hold you accountable and track your progress to ensure you are improving. We will support you every way we can. That is the difference.
After emailing us. We will need to talk briefly to see what you’re looking for and schedule your first visit. Our initial phone call will show you our program and how it can help you and your first visit will allow us to get a feel for where you’re at now out and how to best start you on your journey to get in the best shape of your life. After that it is your choice to sign-up or try a 2 week unlimited Pilot membership for beginners which is available for a very reasonable price of $47 Its our way of letting  *You* decide whether this is for you by training with us for 2 weeks to get the full experience. After 2 weeks, you can then decide to enroll in our membership, or not. No pressure. You’ll get up to 10 coached workouts (a $200 value) for a fourth of the price.
Our memberships typically run for 3, 6, or 12 months because that is what is necessary to achieve lasting dramatic results. The programs range between $185-$220 per month depending on how often you come and how aggressive your weight-loss or training goals are. We also offer class bundles (in 10 or 20 sessions) for people whose schedules or frequent travel won’t always allow weekly workouts. We also offer personal training for $75/hour.
No absolutely not. Getting you in shape is what we’re are here for. We can get elite athletes to the next level but more often than not we take people who are totally out of shape or totally stuck in their current routine.
Whether you have an old knee, shoulder, back or wrist injury or you have a limitation you were born with, or just getting back into exercise after a few months, years or decades, we have extensive experience of working with diverse populations.