We follow a kind of training known as CrossFit. It means we only do movements that use multiple muscles at the same time. This allows people to get much more benefit (and get it faster) than using traditional machines. Everything we do is a “functional” movement meaning our workouts have benefits in the real world beyond just “looking good”. You learn how to squat, lift, run, throw, and generally move better just by learning our exercises. We use “unconventional” equipment like tires, kettlebells, olympic rings, ropes, sandbags, and olympic barbells. Most people never use any of this stuff but we show you how to utilize them safely to dramatically improve your fitness.

We are different from other gyms in many ways but one of them is that we don’t “sell” you. We understand that getting in shape is highly personal journey and we may not be for you.

Most gyms though, once you’ve signed the dotted line keep your money and lock you in regardless of whether you’re happy or not. Not here.

The door is always open, for you to stay or go. We don’t want people who don’t want to be here. Fitness is a big decision but it’s not one we can make for you. People only make changes when they are ready so we don’t force it. If you work out here, we will know your name and your goals. We will hold you accountable and track your progress to ensure you are improving. We will support you every way we can. That is the difference.