Want To Fit in to Those Skinny Jeans Again?

How a 43 year-old Mother of Two Used “San Pedro’s Best” Private Gym and Training Program to Drop 3 Dress Sizes and Getting Her Firm Sexy Figure Back.

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Hello There,
Have you ever found yourself fed up with feeling stuck?
Do you hate going to the “Typical Gym”… It’s super crowded. It smells funny. And it’s full of prissy cardio-bunnies begging for attention and judgmental meatheads?
Not too mention there’s a line for every piece of equipment like it’s opening night for a Harry Potter movie.
And even if you do manage to get on the machines, do you even feel like you know what you’re doing?
Do you leave feeling like you’ve gotten an amazing workout? Or do you wander aimlessly until you’re too bored to take it anymore?
Well what if there were a better way?
What if you could go to a place that was NOTHING like a “typical gym”. And the people there were anything but meatheads.

Where you could go everyday and never have to “figure it out”.nova san pedro trainer

All you’d have to do is show up and the workout would be figured out for you and everyday you’d leave drenched in sweat knowing you got an AMAZING workout?
Well, If I have your attention, read on.
My name is Ricky Magana and I am a Personal Trainer and Co-Owner of Heyday Elite Fitness. Our program is responsible for dozens of San Pedro success stories of busy people who have transformed their Health and how they look in their skivvies.
I help people shed body fat without doing fad diets or spending hours on an elliptical and I want to show you how we’ve done by allowing you to try it for yourself.
By following our simple, straightforward program you will be able to lose the “First 10 Pounds of Fat” in little more than a month without ever *feeling* bored. These workouts are beginner friendly and fun!
But you never really “know” unless you get to try something yourself right?
Come Discover why our program is the “Best Kept Secret in San Pedro”

  • Non-intimidating beginner-friendly CrossFit program.
  • Discover how we’ve perfected getting New Parents back in shape.
  • Feel Fit again even if you have pre-existing injuries.
  • Experience a exciting and supportive workout environment designed specifically for busy people.

Click the button below to get take advantage of  “FREE 7-Day Test Drive” right away.

As soon as you fill out the contact form, you will be contacted within 24 hours to begin the 7-day trial!
P.S. Participants who jump on this offer will receive “Fat-Loss Tips My Clients Absolutely Swear By” if they simply reply to the confirmation email.
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