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All Hallows’ Eve

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

This Saturday is the Halloween WOD 10am

Wear a costume. Get ready for zombie tag!!!


Workout of the Day

‘Rowing Helen’

3 rounds

400m row

21 KB swings 35/53#

12 pull-ups


A. Snatch
2×1 at 90%

B. Clean & Jerk
2×1 at 90%

C. Squat
EMOMx10: 1 Back Squat, across

D. 20 Rep Benchmark
20 Rep max Push Press (Not Jerk)

E. Conditioning
Calorie Row
Power Snatch, 75/55

F. Accessory Work
A. 4×8 Front Rack Step ups, complete 8 reps on one side before switching
B. 4×8 Single Leg RDL, complete 8 reps on one side before switching
C. 8 Legless Rope Climbs
D. 100 Strict Presses with 1 second pause overhead, 45/35