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All Out

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

** Schedule note: we are back at the gym this Saturday for regularly scheduled 10am class.

We will resume beach WODs after this week!

Workout of the Day:

2×30 On, 30 Off (rest in OH position) Dumbell Push Press @10lb DB. Rest 1:00 and Repeat
2×10 Scap Pull Up
2×15 RKBS
2×10 Hammer Curl

4×4 CGBP
Follow every set with max effort strict pull ups, rest 3:00 after pull ups.

2×1:00 All Out Sprints on AD


50 Strict Pull Ups (not for time, do sets of 1-2 reps, do not go to failure)
Ski Erg Conga Line 40min
Each Person Does 1:00 Sprint, Rotate Through.
During Rest
10m Handstand Walk
:20 L-Sit
1 Leg Less Rope Climb