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Workout of the Day:

Warm Up 6:00 Row (no straps)


2x10m Of Each Crawl
Bear Crawl (high or low hips)


Work Up to Heavy-ish 1 Arm KB Press (add chain to KB if necessary)
(volume approach, 10x,7x,5x, etc.)

5×5 Single Arm KB Bench (feet off floor)
* Rest as needed.

Clusters: Slam Ball/Bent Over BB Row/Pull Up
8/8/8 Rest :30
6/6/6 Rest :30
4/4/4 Rest :30
Three Rounds

(After completing the 4/4/4 cluster, rest :30 and start over from the beginning, each cluster will be completed 3 times. Be quick when changing the weights on the bar)

** Starting weight for Rows 75/55, if you can go un by 20lbs each cluster**


A. Clean and Jerk
EMOMx15: 1 Squat Clean and Jerk
Climb 5-10# Every Minute.
Every 5th minute back off the weight and climb again.

B. Back Squat
3×6 Reps (Climbing)

C. Conditioning
Reverse “Hulk Hogan”
Every 2 minutes for 10 rounds (20 mins total)

7 Burpees

5 PC (185/135)

3 Muscle Ups (Bar or Ring)