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Back Squats and Chill

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Workout of the Day

A. Find a heavy But Technically sound 2 Rep Max BSQT in 5 sets

B. Max Reps @65% A (shoot for over 20)

C. Max Reps @50% A (shoot for over 15)

D. Max Reps UB Pull Ups (strict or kipping)

E. Pull Ups (@50% D if Strict @40% if kip) 5 sets Rest:1min btw


A. Snatch
3×1 Squat Snatch at 85%
B. Squat
1×10 Back Squats
Our Squat program… Tuesdays will vary in scheme (reps and sets) and approach (“across” or “climbing”) and DO NOT need to be heavier each week – take what is there that day. Friday should always be “ACROSS” and should be a “Linear Progression”, meaning the weight should increase 5-10 lbs every week.
C. Conditioning
Row 1K
30 DL(225/155)
50 Pull-Ups