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Burpees for sale

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Workout of the day

2 Person Teams (choose weight for BB)
40 Burpee Buy In
400m BB Carry w/partner
40 Thrusters, one Partner must be in an FLR
400m BB Carry w/partner
40 Push Press, one partner must be in wall sit for reps to count

400m BB Carry w/partner
40 Power Cleans, one partner must be in a flexed arm hang
40 Burpee Buy out

**Barbell is not allowed to touch the ground once it is picked up, and cannot be put down until the 40h power clean is completed, 20 Cal on AD will be the penalty for every drop


A) AsBike
*Deck Of Cards
30 Min Clock

Cal For Card That Comes Out

Jack: 11
Q: 12
K: 13
Ace: 15
Rest 1:1

20min EMOM
Odd: 5 DL *Build TnG
Even: 10 HR Push Ups
B) 12 Min EMOM
Even: Thruster 5
Odd: RC 2
C) 3min AMRAP
OHS (115) X 10
T2B X 10

Max DU

S2OH (115) X 10
Box Overs X 10