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Clean Sweep

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Workout of the Day:

Warm Up
1000m Row Warm Up
3×10 Sweeping Deadlifts (Light)
5×1+1 Clean High Pull + Tall Clean

8×3 Clean @70% (speed focus)

1000m Row for Time


A. Snatch
EMOMx10: 1 Squat Snatch from Low Hang (below knees), Climbing

B. Snatch Skills
A. 3×2 Snatch Grip Push Press from Behind Neck
B. 10×1 Pause OHS – 10 Second Hold at Rock Bottom

C. Gymnasty
5 Sets of: 4 Strict + 4 Kipping HSPU Without Coming Off the Wall, Minimal Rest Between Sets.

D. Conditioning
300 Meter Row
30 Wallballs 20/14