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Daily Workouts Have Moved!

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Hey everyone!

We have some pretty cool news. The programming for this class will now be available via the Train Heroic app! Train Heroic will allow you view programming, as well as keep track of your workouts. It also will calculate your percentages for you 🙌Here are the steps for getting access to this class:

1. Download the Train Heroic app from your mobile app store (it’s FREE!)

2. Create an account

3. Go to settings and select add team/program

4.Enter Access Code: (you have 3 to add)

Daily CrossFit: HEYDAY



4. Set up your profile and take a tour of the app

That’s it! From there you will be notified when I post workouts. Then on workout days within the app you can keep track of your numbers.

You can even write us comments letting us know how things were feeling. I HIGHLY encourage you to leave comments…this will help us help you 😊

Let us know if you have any questions!

(thanks to Shannon for authoring this great explanation!)