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Dead and Run

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Workout of the Day

A) 3×20 hip ext
B) 4 sets
10x Deadlift @75-85%
400 m run
Rest 2:30


A) 5min: Find Heavy PS
5min: Heavy Snatch
5min: Heavy OHS
B) Underhand BB Row 3 X 8-10
C) Hollow Rock Holds W/ Crossover Sym Band Patterns

Accum 5min HRs
D) 4min:
20 Sec Row (Cal)
10 Sec Rest/Trans
20 Sec Wall Balls
10 Sec Rest/Trans

*Accum 60 Reps You Earn 3 More Min
*Accum 100 Reps Earn 2 More Min
*Accum 130 Reps ..Earn 1 More Min