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Do Not Fear The Snatch

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

True story:

I won’t say any names (Christian),

A man came into the gym tonight scared of tomorrow’s workout. He tells me he is not going to do it because he cannot snatch. I tell him yes you can, and we warmed up working on his snatch, fast forward 15 minutes and he’s throwing 135lbs over his head like he throws the trash out on Tuesday’s. No big deal.

Believe in yourself guys. Go into this workout with some confidence and a NFA attitude (Not Fu**ing Around) and I bet you will surprise yourself.

If you need work on your snatch, I will be at the gym starting at 4:00PM so if you want to come in early and get some additional coaching I am your man. 🙂

Also I am going in at 6:00AM to help a few people out so if you want in, set your alarm and I’ll see you bright and early.


Coach Red



AMRAP in 10

30 Power Snatch (75,45)
30 power Snatch (135,75)
30 power Snatch (165,100)
As Many Power Snatch (210,120)