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Farewell Mikey

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Today Mikey coaches his last classes before he embarks on the next chapter of his life, becoming a Sheriff.

We will be seeing him again but for now he’s off to the Academy.

Wish him the best of luck.

Workout of the Day:

A. 3×2:00 MB Toss, Rest :60

B. 3×5 /Arm TGU

C. 3×10 / Leg SLRDL

D. 3x50m /Arm Single Arm OH Carry (heavy)

E. Max Effort Sorensen Hold


Warm Up

Prone Ts and Ys 2×10 w/:10 Hold Last Rep (use 5-10lbs)

Crossover Symmetry 2×10

A. Gymnastics Practice

2×3-5 Skin The Cat (from L-Sit) or Strict Toes to Bar @1X31

2x;45-:60 Belly to Wall HSH


2×10 Shoulder Tap (against wall)

2×5 Forward Roll


2×10 Shoulder Tap (free standing)

2×5 Backwards Roll


2-4x(5m+10m) Lateral Wall Walk + Walk Away From Wall
* If handstand walk is no there, use a spotter to help you walk 10m.

2×1-3 L-Sit + Tuck + Press
* If you still have any gas

B. Light Condo
5x (30 on 30 Off) AD Watts @>500 and @ >90