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Friday, August 2nd

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Workout of the Day


“A. 3 Rounds
DB Ext Rotation x 6-8
rest 30sec
Decline DB Bench x 8-10
rest 30sec
Seated L-Sit x 30-60sec ”

“Teams Of 3 Complete (30min Cap)

100 Cal Row


9 Rounds Rounds

100m SB Carry
45 Air Squats
45 Push Ups


100 Cal Row

530PM Dynamic Upper Conjugate
“Shoulder Tap x 100

2 Rounds
Banded Lat Pull Down x 20
PVC Cuban Press x 10

2 Rounds
Single Arm DB Reverse Fly x 8 each arm”
” 10 x 3 Pendlay Row @60% + Bands

3 rounds for quality

DB Single Arm Bench Press Half Body off Bench x 6-8 reps
Single Arm Heavy DB Row x 5-6 Reps


Rope climb x 3/2
BB Floor Press x 8
300/250m Row”
100 Banded Pull Aparts