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Friday, July 19th

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Workout of the Day


“A. 3 Rounds
BB Skull Crusher x 12
rest 30sec
DB Curl x 15
rest 30sec
Spine Segmentation x 1 rep
rest 30sec
Seated L-Sit x 20-40sec ”

“Teams Of 3 Complete (25min Cap)

3000m Row


3 Rounds

75 KBS
60m Sled Push (partner on sled)


75 Cal Ski

530PM Dynamic Upper Conjugate
“MedBall Medly x 3:00 Use Wall

2 Rounds
DB Curl x 15
DB Single Arm Cuban Press x 10

2 Rounds
Single Arm DB Fly x 8 each arm”
” 12 x 3 Pendlay Row @50% + Bands

3 rounds for quality

DBSingle Arm Bench Press x 5 reps
DB Single Arm Row x 4-5 reps
Ring FLR x 60sec

“EMOM x 12
Min 1-Push Ups x 20
Min 2-Rope Climb x 3
Min 3-Ski x 18/13 Cal”
Single Arm Rear Delt 2 x 25 ea arm