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Friday, June 21st

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Workout of the Day


“A. 3 Rounds
DB Roll Over x 12-15
rest 30sec
BB Curl x 10
rest 30sec
Bear Sit lift offs to straddle 3 ea leg x
rest 30sec
wtd Plank x 60 ”

“B. AMRAP 15 in teams of 3
for max tonage, teamates rotating stations every minute

Trap Bar Deadlift
Bench Press
Hang power Clean

530PM Dynamic Upper Conjugate
“MedBall Medly x 5:00 w/ partner

2 Rounds
DB Fly x 15
DB Rear Delt x 10
SA OH DB Carry x 20m ea arm”
” Incline Bench Press 9 x 3 @70% + Chain (close, standard, wide)

3 rounds for quality

DB Z Press x 10-12 Reps @2121
wtd Pull Up Negatives x 3-5 reps @3-5sec


10 BB Bench PRess
10 BB Row
50m Farmer Carry

100 bicep curls