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Friday, March 29th

in Workout of The Day

Workout of the Day


A. Sumo Deadlift Off 45lb Plates
Build to a challenging 3 rep
“B. Strict Bent over BB Row
4 x 6 reps”
400m Ski
12 Inverted BB Rows
12 DB Hang Power Cleans (40/20)

“Svend Press 4 x 5
DB chest Flys 2 x 10
Banded External Rotation 2 x 10-15
PVC Pass Through (Slow) 2 x 8”
“8 x 3 Floor press @80% 1RM

wtd Pull Up 3 x 5
wtd Dip 3 x 5
*these shoud all be heavier than week 1”

Prison Burpees*

*Drop to push up position
Perform 1 legit push up
Knee tuck each leg
stand and jump as high as you can
*shoot for over 55”
50 wtd hanging Knee Tucks in as few of sets as possible