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Friday, May 17th

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Workout of the Day


“A. 3 Sets
5 Single Arm DB Strict Press
5 DB Slit Squats

“B. 3 Sets
20m Single Arm OH Carry
20m Farmer Carry”
“C. 3 Sets
15 Seated Good Morning w/35lb Bar
5 High Box Jumps”
D. For Time (13min Time Cap)
“2K Row
50 Burpees”

Dynamic Upper Conjugate
“MedBall Medly x 5:00 w/ partner

Elbow CARS x 60 sec
Scap CARS x 90sec
GH CARS x 60sec ea arm”
“Every 45sec x 12 sets perform 2 Banded Axel Bar Bench Press @70% 1RM

Pausing Incline Axel Bar Bench Press 3 x 5 (2s Pause)

Iso Bottom Hand Stand Hold 3 x 30sec
Medball Step To wall Slam 3 x 6


10 DB Roll Overs
10 Renegade Rows
10 Devils Press
100m Farmer Carry

*use same DBs for entire WOD”
Dead Hang Challenge 100 seconds