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Friday Strongman

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Workout of the Day:

A. Hip Clean + Hang Clean, 5 Sets

B. For Time:
Set 1,3
400m Sand Bag Run
30 DB Snatch 40/25
20 G2S With SB or Heavy Ball
Set 2
800m Run
75 Double Unders


A. Clean & Jerk
Work up to a heavy set of 5-reps unbroken “TnG” clean and jerks.

B. Squat
EMOMx10: 1 Back Squat, Across

C. Conditioning
8 Rounds of :20s On, :10s Off
Wall Balls, 30/20
SDHP, 95/65
Double Unders
Row, Calories

D. Accessory Work
A. 2×10 Each Leg of Single Leg Front Rack Step Ups
B. 2×15 Close Grip Bench Press
C. 2×20 Weighted Sit Ups – Feet Anchored