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Gluttons For Punishment

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Workout of the Day:

A. AMRAP 12 (@85%)
10 KBS 70/53
60 Doubles or 120 Singles
10m Shuttle 6 Reps or 10 Cal on AD
-Rest 5min-
B1. SLKBDL x3 reps
B2. Strict Pull Ups x6-10 Reps W/1sec Pause at Bottom
B3. Powell Raise x8
Three rounds, move with purpose.


A. Strength
7×2 Overhead Pause Squats,
Pause for 5 Seconds at the bottom of each rep.

B. Gymnastics Skills
5 Sets of 10-15 Unbroken TTB, Rest as Needed Between Sets

C. Conditioning
Wall Balls, 20/14
KBS, 2-Pood/1.5-Pood
500m Row After Each Round