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Goodbye Heidi

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Today was he last workout of an amazing Aleta and important member of our community. Heidi Hebert is off to start a new chapter in Florida as her husband Ben nears retirement from the military.

She, will be missed dearly. We wish her the best and may she never have to do another kettlebell swing again. 🙂

Workout of the Day:

Work up to a tough 1 rep Close Grip Bench Press

Run Intervals
1200m Run / Rest 4min
800m Run/ Rest 3min
400m Run x2 /Rest 3 min between intervals

** Make sure shoulder and pecs are extremely warm prior to the bench press, this is not a 1RM, it just meant to be a heavy 1 rep. Crush the intervals and make note of your times, we will be repeating these.


4x 1.1.1 Clean (rest :10 between each rep) **try to build for each set

Front Squat 1 Rep Every :30 for 3 Minutes (7 total reps) @85%

In a :60 second Window Perform:
50m Shuttle (blue gate and Back)
4 Burpees Box Jumps 24”/20”
3 OHS 115/75
2 UB Bar Muscle Ups/4 C2B pull ups x6­-9
Rest 3 minutes