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Groundhog Day

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Workout of the Day:

A. 10×10 Goblet Squat,
Rest 60sec after each set.

B1. GHD Sit Up x10-20 Reps
B2. Kip Swing on Bar or Dead Hang x 10 Reps or :30 UB Hold
B3. Static Chin Over Bar x:15 seconds
* Must be close to getting a pull up to work the kip swings.


A. Back Squat 2×10
B. 5x (3+3) Strict Muscle Up + Kipping Muscle Up
C. Partner WOD
AMRAP 7 min
Partner A) Max Calorie Row
Partner B) 15 Hang Power Snatch 115/75, 60 Double Unders, 14 C2B Pull Ups