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Happy Birthday Roxy!

in Fitness, Inspiration, Workout of The Day

These three studs worked their tails of on Monday during Cindy… Nolan tried to quit on his sixteenth round, but I encouraged the heck out of him to get back on the bar and get seventeen rounds so he could earn his bragging rights amongst the Meadows. Also, Jared destroyed his last score on Cindy by about 10 rounds! And lets not forget about Ben coming back from an almost career ending injury and finishing 1 round behind his last PR… Woo-Hoo boys! I loved the energy you had!


FYI there may be some birthday celebration for Roxy’s big 28 tomorrow night involving karaoke and some beverages… Stay tuned for details.

Birthday WOD

4 Rounds
7 Dumbell Push Press
7 Clapping Push Ups
7 Half Turk Get Ups
Rest 3-5 minutes
Perform 28 Deadlifts at 50%-75% of your one rep max