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Happy Hump Day

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Workout of the Day:

A. Every 30sec for 10 Minutes Do 1 Clean + 1 Front Squat + 1 Hang Clean (men 75-135#) (ladies 35-95#)

B. With a Partner. Partners Run 400m Together.
400m Run
40 DB Squat Cleans
400m Run
40 Box Jumps 30/24
400m Run
40 Deadlifts 205/135
400m Run
40 Wall Balls


A. Row
6x250m Row
Rest 1 min (hold same split, these should be fast and hard)

B. Strength (last week of axel bar work)
1. Axel Bar Clean and Press 3, 2, 1, 1, 1 (go Heavy)
2. Deadlift 4×1-3 Reps (build from previous week, if you used the axel bar keep it)

C. Accessory Work
1. Sled March 10m (heavy)
2. Single Leg RDL 3×3-5 Reps / Leg (build weight from last week)