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Hardest Week Ever?

in Fitness

I don’t know about you guys but  I can’t touch my face, as that would require bending my arms, an ability that I am stripped of at the moment because I did Tuesday’s 100 Thrusters.

I know you guys are feeling it too. Well, one more day in the week! If you find yourself ready for more, here it goes…


4×3 Deadlift
10 Chest Clap
10 Supine Pullups (Ya.. I know, you never heard of it)
100m Shuttle

P.S. Eddie, the Social Coordinator for Heyday, has informed me that he is going to be at Nelson’s Restaurant & Bar (at Terrenea Resort in PV) Friday night and would like for you to join him for drinks and finger foods.

* * * Come thirsty * * *

WOD will be 5 rounds of Newcastle  for time.