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I have a Clean Complex

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Workout of the Day

A. Work Up to a tough 2-Position Clean (AK + BK)
B. 1 Clean + Front Squat (7)
Work up to the heaviest weight you can handle
C1. Seated Box Jump 6×2 *build
C2. Strict T2B 6×5-8



A) Lateral Shuffle Runs *cones approx 20 ft apart * 20sec
Rest: 40sec x 8sets (min)
B) Shuttle Run *cones 50ft apart *20 sec
Rest: 1:10 x 8 sets


A) 5 HPCJ (135) 50 DU
5 rounds for time
B) 5 GHDSU 5 T2B
10 rounds for time
C) Run 200m 10 Alt DB G2OH (55) 6 MU
5 rounds for time