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Join Us Friday Night

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

This Friday night we have an amazing event planned and would love for all of you to come and/or participate.

We have partnered up with another gym, Crossfit Code 3,  and have invited members from other gyms to all come and do a workout together, the first WOD of the Crossfit open. There will be food trucks live musics and lots of exercising. The workout will be doable for any level and you are encouraged to participate! The cost is $10 with proceeds going to a non-profit CrossFit gym, Compton Crossfit.

The event begins at 5:30pm and should go to 8:30pm.

Stubhub Center
18400 Avalon Boulevard,
Carson, CA 90746

To register go to:
Then Here:

*** There Will NOT be Friday evening classes  at the gym.

Workout of the Day:

A. Shoulder Press
1×5@75 1×3@85 1x+1@95

50 Double Unders or Modify Reps to Skill Level or 100 Singles
20 KBS 53/35
7 Push Press 95/65


50 Double Unders
20 KBS 70/53
7 Jerks 135/95

B. EMOM x8
Odd: 7 TTB + 7 Power Clean
Even: 7 TTB + 7 Front Squat
** Guys use 155-115, ladies use 135-85.
** Use the same weight for both BB movements, no rack.