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Workout of the Day:

A. Warm Up Slam Ball Breathing Ladder 1-10 @20/10″

B1. 3×2-6 SAKB Press
B2. 3×5 Windmill/5 Arm
B3. 3×10 Scap Pull Up

C. “Jonesworthy”
Air Squat 80-64-48-32-24-12
KBS 53/35 40-32-24-16-12-6

Strict Pull Up 20-16-12-8-6-3


Warm Up with 1-13 Ball Slam Breathing Ladder @ 20# D-Ball
(Reach back, Slam it HARD, catch the bounce, pry open hips, one slow-deep breath per rep at the bottom between each rung of the ladder)

A. Accessory
3x 10 One-Leg DL @ 65#-75# BB
3x 5 Windmill @ 35-44# KB
3x 10 Scap Pull Up

B. Strength
3x 1-5 Two Handed OH Press @ 2x Heavy-ish KB
Rest 1:1

C. Condo
Air Squat 80-64-48-32-24-12
RKB Swing 40-32-24-16-12-6
Strict Pull-Up 20-16-12-8-6-3