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Kipping Kate

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Kate Hayes couldn’t do a pullup less than a year ago. Saturday she did over 60 in two 10-minute workouts.

By the way, for those that are curious, The throwdown Results are as follows:

Advanced Division:
1st. Heyday Team 1
2nd. Heyday Team 3
3rd. Signal Hill Team 1
4th. Signal Hill Team 2
5th. Heyday Team 5

Intermediate Division:
1st. Signal Hill Team 3
2nd. Heyday Team 2
3rd. Heyday Team 6
4th. Heyday Team 5

We did very well as a gym. Big kudos to first time competitors. It’s very scary to jump into something like this so you should be proud. And our girls are some bad asses by the way 🙂



*Compare to 8/28/12