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This Saturday April 6th, Shelley Howell will be competing in the Legendary Competitor competition hosted at Long Beach State.

I invite everyone to come out and support our fellow heymaker. Shelley is little more than a year into crossfitting and is already a force to be reckoned with and has signed up to do this competition by herself! For that, we should all come out and support with a heyday shirt and a fist pump.

(Eddie will also be competing in a rugby tournament at LB state at the same time.)

We will not be having a Saturday class and games workouts can be made up on Sunday if they’re unable to be completed during the week.

For more info go to:



Every :60 Perform 1 Snatch+1 Hang Snatch+1 OHS
** All Snatches Will Be Full Squats


6x200m Sprint
** Rest :60 Between Bouts