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Lots Of Squats

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Workout of the Day:

A1. Shouder Press x5 Reps
A2. Heavy Single Arm Carry x50m / Arm (first no parking sign then switch arms)
A3. GHD Sit Ups x5-15 Reps
x3 Sets

B. 5 Rounds
20 Back Squat 135/95
400m Run

Competition: Need to start part A exactly at 530, long session today**

(10min Cap) A1-3 Is Kind of Like a Warm Up
A1. Feet Above Hips Rope Climb x1-2 (TnG if possible)
Rest 30sec

A2. Strict Deficit 8”/2” HSPU x3-5 Reps
Rest 30sec

A3. Wtd Pull Up x3-5 (heavy)
x3 sets not for time, rest as needed

B. x4 Rounds/Rest 3min (+40min)

1min Row
1min Bench Press 135/95
1min AD
1min Back Squat 185/115
1min 10m Shuttle Run
1min Push Press135/95
1min Double KB Rack Hold 70/53